Donate to our october Production: Main menu

Main Menu  is an interactive live performance piece for one caller at a time that lasts 30 minutes. Mimicking a customer service phone call to a large corporation, this piece interrogates how capital and technology are leveraged to define “human.” 

We need $10,000.

We have already raised $2,000 to help cover our personnel costs for this production, but we still need to raise $10,000 more. By becoming an “investor” in this project you get access to world-expanding content we’ve developed around the live experience, all while supporting performing artists with thriving wages while theaters remain closed and in-person gatherings dangerous.

Support Thriving Artist Wages

As worker-owned cooperative we feel strongly about the tangible value of the work of women, queer folks, and people of color. To that end, we pay all of our artists a thriving wage, starting at $25 per hour. Our total personnel budget for our three month production process is $16,050 – 98% of our total budget goes directly into the hands of working artists.

Investors receive exclusive access to our 5-week alternate reality campaign, beginning September 7th, 2020, where you’ll learn more about the mysterious company behind Main Menu, Life Solutions.