Go To Sleep

Go To Sleep is a real-world walking simulator/adventure game about insomnia designed for one player at a time. Players enter a replica bedroom and interact with objects, triggering story elements and music that are performed and mixed live. 


Director: Daniel Park

Lead Artist and Narrator: Arianna Gass

Sound Design and Live-Mixing: Andy Theiraf

Video Design and Live-Mixing: John Bezark

Installation Design: Emily R. Johnson

Live Music: Joseph Ahmed

Technical Director: Stephanie di Bona

Photography: Jesse Friedman

About the Show

Go To Sleep was developed and produced by Obvious Agency; Arianna Gass, Daniel Park, and Joseph Ahmed and premiered at the Art Church of Philadelphia June 22-25th, 2017.

“The hardest part about realizing that I’m not going to be able to sleep is deciding if I have the will to get out of bed and do anything about it.” 

Go To Sleep asks players to take an active role in crafting their theatrical experience. Each player has 12 minutes to interact with the room, discovering objects that trigger story, video, or music events. All of these events are pre-scripted and performed and mixed live. 

Go To Sleep Video Documentation

Cinematography: Jorge Cousineau

Video Editing: John Bezark

Featured Players: Rachel Stine, Meryl Sands, Sam Tower, Steve Pettit, Jenny Kessler, and Noah Stansbury

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